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Our chaplains support soldiers who are on the front lines and at the hospitals by bringing them God’s word, prayer, food, and equipment.

  • Our medical ministry assists those from our congregations who are in need of purchasing medical supplies.

  • Also, thanks to our sponsors, we can offer free dental treatment for people who live in formerly occupied towns and villages. If you want to be a part of this ministry, please text or call +380933945616 Valeriya.

  • Volunteers from our congregation collected, sorted and delivered over 200 tons of humanitarian aid to more than 17 cities in Ukraine.

  • We have distributed thousands of packages with medical supplies.

Assistance During War

  • Special location points to help displaced people have been created in two cities of Ukraine. 

  • New congregations and groups in various cities of Ukraine and Europe have been created from among displaced people.

  • We helped to evacuate more than 700 children with disabilities as well as those from in-crisis families. 

  • We helped hundreds of people to evacuate and to find new spiritual families. If you are interested in attending Shabbat services near you, please push this button.

  • We didn’t cancel any Shabbat services during the war. We celebrated Purim and Passover, as well as conducted prayer retreats.

  • The very first Shabbat service became a testimony of God’s love and protection for us. It also provided support to many online viewers.

More about our work on social media:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Throughout the entire war, our media team broadcasts life services, daily prayers and the sermons of our senior Rabbi Boris Grisenko.  

Our active prayer and consulting center is available for you to contact if you are in need of a prayer. We will do everything possible, and what is impossible for us, we believe, is possible for the Lord.

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