The life of every believer is permeated with prayer. Other than personal prayer and fellowship with God, we can find many other opportunities to pray in unity with other people in a congregation of God. KJMC people love to pray, and they do it on a regular basis!

Prayer retreats

Other than weekly prayers, our congregation holds various prayer events. Prayer retreats take place three times a year. Their main goal is to have solitude prayer with God, to seek his face, spiritual growth, fellowship, and to exchange experience between ministers of different congregations and churches.

International conference “Immersion into the Father’s Love”

The international conference “Immersion into the Father’s Love” is the largest Messianic conference in the world. Thousands of guests come from around the world to pray and intercede for personal breakthrough and revival in our countries. In the past, our guest speakers were Sid Roth, Heidi Baker, Misty Edwards, Asher Intrater, Tom Hess, Ana Paula Valadao, and Boris Grysenko.

Annual prayer against antisemitism

We believe that having united our force in prayer together we can stand against antisemitism - evil on the earth! God is calling us to not be silent but to see and admit the facts of antisemitism, to repent all together, and to bless the Jewish people, Israel. (Numbers 24:9) It will bring freedom from curses and release the will of God and blessings in our land and nations!

Prayer tours

During prayer tours around Ukraine and other countries, KJMC volunteers hold joint prayers and services with local churches and congregations in most places they visit. The goal of such prayers is destruction of different ungodly strongholds and curses, repentance of people, and opening of the will of God at a certain place.

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