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The Kyiv Messianic Jewish Congregation (KMJC) was established in 1994. The Congregation is composed of 2,200 Jews and non-Jews who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah (Jesus Christ) of Israel and the world.  

Before the war, the Congregation had 2200 members in Kyiv and 26 communities in Ukraine and other countries.

After Russia's attack in 2022, many ministers left Ukraine, some of them to Israel. As a result, 25 new Jewish communities were established.

In 2022, about 600 people remained in Kyiv. Currently, over 1,500 people attend the KJMC home groups.

Why we do what we do

  • To have every Jew recognize his/her Messiah
  • To restore the fullness of the Body of the Messiah
  • To move away from unbiblical extremes of both Christianity and Judaism
  • To have freedom from antisemitism, indifference, “humanism”, and occult spirituality
  • To plant and develop new daughter Messianic congregations

The leadership of the congregation is the Senior Rabbi Boris Grisenko and the Council of Elders

Rabbi Boris has been the Senior Rabbi of KJMC from the very beginning. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Theology from Christian Life School of Theology (CLST), was the Chairman of the Ukrainian Interchurch Council in 2016-2017. One of the key directions of his ministry is the restoration of the biblical fullness and unity of the Body of the Messiah

Concil of Elders

Andriy Luhovskyi
Yaroslava Vilko
Konstantin Herdov
Tatyana Chernyakova
Valentina Kolomiets
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