Messianic Bible School offers a three level learning system for faith building and spiritual growth:

1 level - is “The Way with the Messiah” school. Here you will receive instruction in the basics of Yeshua’s teaching and help in making your first steps in faith.

2 level – is equipping believers to develop a deeper relationship with God, and first of all, to a committed ministry.​

3 level – is for the congregation ministers who desire to obtain basic knowledge in the history of Israel and the Jewish people, the basics in Messianic theology, antisemitism issues, and all other important topics for the effective ministry to the Jewish people.

Level 2 and 3 (Messianic theology in particular) are set up in the form of open classes that provide participation both online and offline. Such seminars are held by Boris Grysenko, KJMC senior rabbi, and Igor Rusnyak, director of the KJMC Messianic Bible School.

Theological learning program “Messianic theology and missiology”

​This program is created to provide quality theological education, to deepen theological knowledge based on the Jewish Scriptures - the Bible, understanding of the Messianic vision and peculiarities of practical ministry to the Jewish people.  

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